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This is one of the cheap 30 Gallon fish tanks in the market that comes with a combo set, but the significant part of this tank is that it is manufactured by SeaClear, which is a very reputed brand in the industry for its quality product. If you are planning to buy a tank that will last longer and serve you well in future, then you better opt for this combo set as it will fulfill, your all requirements.
30 gallon fish tanks are the perfect choice for anyone who is considering fish as pets. Here's everything you need to know about this product.
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While opting for a 30 Gallon fish tank, nothing can go wrong as it has enough space for your fishes to swim and thrive well. All you need is a good set up environment and for that, you will have to incorporate some of the good quality equipment like a 3 stage filter, a heater and appropriate lighting. Also even after a long usage of your aquarium, if you feel the need of upgrading it then you can always get a good resell value of the product in the market. my 30 gallon fishtank in my room. mostly convict cichlids with 2 gold barbs and a blue gourami also.
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Selling my 30gl fish tank with metal stand, gravel, hood, plants, filter and 2 pumps for $150 obo cash and pick up only. Tank holds water to it's full capacity. I had that gravel in my 90 gallon so there's enough for this tank what you see in the pictures that's what I have. Thnx for lookingThanks to the design of the stand, not only you can place a 30 gallon fish tank on the top shelf but also the bottom shelf is the ideal place for an equivalent or smaller fish tank, a sump tank, or equipment (, …) that needs large space to place.This 30 gallon fish tank stand is favorite by its qualities such as beautiful, convenient, long-lasting, powder coated to resist rust and moisture, easy to set up… It comes in black, black is a neutral and versatile color to blend in various styles of home or office decor.Interested in seeing a 30 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium? Today's your lucky day! In my front yard I have a massive pond with a bunch of fish that died & decided to save as many as possible and put them in this 30 gallon freshwater tank. Credit for filming this goes to Anything Marine, and fish tank is mine.10 gallon water change on a 30 gallon fish tank going to help my brother do a 10 gallon water change on his 30 gallon fish tank. Went to go help my brother do a water change on his tank to clear it up because it was a little cloudyThis is my 30 gallon high fish tank
6 Black Tetras
6 Tiger Barbs
5 Serpae Tetra
1 Corydoras (catfish)
1 Snail
1 Lucky Feeder Goldfish - Survived a week in my African Clawed Frog tank and was granted asylum

Other information
Filter - Marineland Power Filter Penguin 350
Heater - Marineland Stealth 150 - set to about 73F
Plants - FAKEThis is my 30 gallon aquarium (post ick) with nothing but 'fancy' fish. Like high-fins, lyre tails, swordtails, albino, glo, or blue (strange color in my opinion). My tank is a bit overstocked (25 fish) but the fish are not huge and I have a 75 gallon filter (I needed a big filter because I used to have turtles; I gues it came in handy). I do eekly water changes and water test and I have not had any fish deaths. I also have 7 plants(anubias hastifolia and nana, moss balls and corkscrew val) I will take suggestions but I will not change the amount of fish i have because the bettas i have in there eat the fry before they get big( so no more fish are in the ank) Hope you like the vid and feel free to ask what type of fish i have if you don't know. ENJOY!
PS..there are also shrimp in thereThere isn’t any annoying black frame holding the tank together, it looks quite beautiful and modern with rounded front corners. It looks like there is nothing to interfere with the viewing of the fish and decorations. The clarity of the tank provides a great visual effect imitating the natural conditions. There are two sizes available for your choice – 29 and 30 gallons.