I Have A 25 Gallon Hexagon Freshwater Fish Tank

Selling a 25 gallon mirrored fish tank meaning the back of the tank is a mirror.
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Mr. Aqua 25 Gallon tank comes in two different types of glass. Either standard glass which is going to be the most economical option, then they also offer Low Iron glass which gives the tank an extra clear appeal making the glass almost invisible. Most standard glass will give a slight discoloration to your fish and corals, but unless you are looking at the two tanks side by side it is hard to see a difference with the naked eye. For the slight extra cost of the Low Iron glass with the Mr. Aqua tanks we would highly recommend it.
Got this 25 gallon fish tank for Christmas finally going to start setting it up. (made with  - )
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This oddly shaped biOrb 28 gallon fish tank measures 24 inches by 24 inches by 25.5 inches and weighs a very light 5 pounds. It’s constructed out of acrylic for stronger resistant to chipping and impact but a lighter weight and 93% more clarity than what glass provides. It included a filtration system that has 5 stages and accounts for biological, mechanical, and chemical contamination. It’s low voltage, operating on a 12V transformer and included an LED light that replicates a 24 hour schedule. The biOrb Classic Aquarium is also considered a self cleaning fish tank due to its unique multi-staged enclosed filtration system. This aquarium will require less cleaning and maintenance on your part with a slightly higher upfront cost, well worth the investment. 25 gallon fish tank and 10 gallon fish tank with 2 light hoods and 4 heaters plus 1 air pump and 1 filter
Photo provided by Flickr25 gallon fish tank and 10 gallon fish tank with 2 light hoods and 4 heaters plus 1 air pump and 1 filter
Photo provided by FlickrI have a 25 gallon hexagon freshwater fish tank
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Description 25 gallon fish tank comes with all you need just needs fish everything works Comes with: FilterAir pump Rocks Decorations Heater This is a great deal! Description 25 gallon fish tank w/4 fish stand extra filters fish food fishnet cleaning materials chemicals pH balance tester everything you need I can drain the water and you can take it to your house and set it up $185 or obo FOR SALE: 25 gal fish tank includes hood w/ working light, filter pump, stand, and 3D background. Everything is in good working condition, no issues, we just had to upgrade to a little larger tank. Asking $200. If you are interested, just pm me. Can be picked up in Jackson any weekday or arrangements can be made for a Saturday. Will be posting on Craigslist as well.Sometimes in the hunt for fish tanks, you don’t want one specific size Though someone out there might have their heart set on a 46 gallon tank or a 56 gallon one, you may be a bit more flexible with what you’re willing to buy. And there’s nothing wrong with looking at fish tanks in the form of range of options instead of one solid capacity weight. If you want a moderate size, 25 gallon fish tanks to 34 gallon fish tanks are a solid middle grand before you start getting into larger décor style tanks, though they are bigger than your starter 5 gallon tanks.Created and edited with .

A look at the new zebra danios and a update on my 25 gallon fish tank. A trim and replant of amazon sword.(null)Now I am planning to get a 50 gallon tank because I suspect that the water in my 25 gallon tank isn't good for my fish. The question is whether I should transfer some water from my 25 gallon tank to my 50 gallon tank because I plan to transfer some fish to the new tank also. What should I do? By the way, I can't find the water testing kits in my locality. Any other way to test the water?