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For all practical purposes, the minimum “safe” aquarium size is 20 US gallons (75 litres)
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A 15 Gallon Aquarium provides a spacious environment for your aquatic pets. It also gives your finned friends an environment in which they can thrive.

A 20 Gallon is one the more popular aquariums for fish. They provide a beautiful view of your underwater environment, enhanced by the fluorescent light.

Clownfish require a minimum of a 30-gallon aquarium, which must be placed on a stable, strong surface. Always research the needs of your desired fish for an aquarium before selecting aquariums and tanks.

A 45 Gallon Aquarium is the perfect match for our. You may need to purchase a protein skimmer since the tank is more than 20 gallons.

You will definitely need a very strong, sturdy stand for a 55 Gallon Aquarium for fish. Also, a strong pair of people will be advised when transporting.

A 75 Gallon Aquarium is considered to be quite large for a majority of people. However, it dwarfs in size when compared to

20 Gallon Extra High Aquarium - Dimensions/Size: 20
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The Advanced Aqua Tanks Laguna Aquarium Stand is the perfect 20 gallon aquarium stand for those looking for high quality furniture for their home. This stand fits both high 20 gallon aquariums and tall 20 gallon aquariums as our recommended size is 32 L x 13 W x 31.5 H inches. For this 20 gallon aquarium stand there is no smaller, closer fit for a 20 gallon high aquarium.

Features of the Advanced Aqua Tanks Laguna Aquarium Stand include: Some heaters are marketed for specific aquarium sizes -- 10 gallon, 20 gallon, and so forth
Photo provided by Flickr20 Gallon High Aquarium - Dimensions/Size: 24
Photo provided by FlickrThe minimum size to try for a freshwater community aquarium would be 20 gallons (75.7 liters)
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The 20 gallon fish tank is one of the most popular fish tanks on our website. Not many people realize this but there are a few different 20 gallon fish tank sizes. This article describes all of the 20 gallon fish tank types and gives a review on the standard 20 gallon aquarium.“The bigger the aquarium, the easier maintaining it will be.” This is probably the single most important rule in the hobby, and for someone setting up their first aquarium, it is an absolutely essential fact of life. The size of the aquarium has a direct impact on several key physical and chemical processes, including pH stability, thermal stability, and the dilution of metabolic wastes such as ammonia. The smaller the tank, the less stable and the more toxic the environment is likely to be.

The size of the aquarium is also important in terms of how fish behave. Schooling fish need to be kept in groups of at least five or six specimens, and that it turn requires a certain amount of aquarium volume and swimming space. When kept in insufficient numbers, barbs, danios and tetras become frustrated and often turn aggressive or nippy. Territorial fish need to be able to claim a certain patch of ground, and if there isn’t enough space in the tank, fighting or bullying can occur. Livebearers pose a particular set of problems because of the way males fight with each other while also tending to bully the females. It is important that there is enough space for the male and female livebearers to spread out, and if necessary find hiding places where they can rest or give birth safely.
For all practical purposes, the minimum “safe” aquarium size is 20 US gallons (75 litres). Such a tank will be big enough to accommodate a reasonable selection of small aquarium fish without being particularly large or expensive. More ambitious aquarists interested in big or territorial species such as cichlids should consider larger systems though, with tanks up to 55 US gallons (210 litres) in size providing a good balance between size and expense. I have a 20 gallon aquarium that is a ‘high series’ tank. I have 3 molly fish and plan to get a Plecostomus. I’m wondering what size tank a Pleco needs? I know they get pretty big but can I just get one and maybe go with it? I know all of our tanks are crowded more or less so.. would it hurt to give a Pleco a nice home?When figuring out how many fish can live comfortably in your 20-gallon aquarium, you have to plan for their adult size, and not how big they are when you first get them. Many times the fish you buy at the pet store are youngsters, and they may get quite a bit bigger before they’re done. Find out what the average size of each fish is when it’s mature, and use that measurement to figure how much space it will need. It’s not unusual for a fish to double or triple in size after you bring it home.