Koller Craft: 1/2 Gallon Drum Fish Bowl (Plastic)

The Anchor Hocking 2-Gallon Glass Drum Fish Bowl is a versatile item to add to your living space
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The Vintage Flared Top Fish Bowl is a 2-gallon bowl with a small base and a wide top. It flares out from the base for a dramatic look that adds some classic style to your aquatic setup.
1 - A goldfish should NEVER be kept in a 2 gallon bowl ( 20 gallon minimum depending on type...Some require a larger tank.)
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I have a fish named Twitch. He have a bowl with a heating light, but it is only 2 gallons, He seems to be happy, and I make sure that he gets everything he needs. Should I buy a bigger tank? What do you suggest. (my limit is $30) Hawkeye 1/2 Gallon Fish Bowl, Drum Shaped, Shatterproof Plastic: Crystal clear clarity Ideal for home decor, weddings, crafting an
Photo provided by FlickrThe Anchor Hocking 2-Gallon Fish Bowl makes an attractive accent piece for a desk, bookcase or shelf. The clear fish bowl is perfe
Photo provided by FlickrHawkeye 2 Gallon Fish Bowl, Hex Shaped, Shatterproof Plastic: Crystal clear clarity Ideal for home decor, weddings, crafting and c
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This 1/2 gallon is an ideal beginner fish bowl and will enhance any room, dorm or office. Featuring sturdy, shatter-proof construction, it makes a perfect home for a betta or guppies.A good home for a betta is a one gallon fish bowl or clean 1 gallon jar. Small aquariums also make good homes and a 2.5 gallon to 5 gallon aquarium is an ideal size. Larger aquariums are fine too. My “work” betta has a 10 gallon all to himself and he swims from one end to the other all day long. Most bettas are not as active as he is and that is why a smaller aquarium will work for most. The advantage to using an appropriately sized bowl or aquarium is also that maintenance is less time consuming since water changes generally need to be done only once a week.Possibly the most frustrating thing about owning a fish bowl is thelimited for fish. In a bowl, we recommend keeping only 1"of fish for every 1.5-2 gallons of water in the bowl—rememberthat the bowl is probably holding substantially less water than itstotal capacity since you are keeping the water level lowered to thewidest part of the bowl—usually 1/3-1/2 of the bowl's capacity isair, not water. If you are not filtering your bowl, we recommendkeeping your population at 1" of fish for every 3 gallons of water orlower. Remember that a is notdetermined by the environment it is kept in, but rather is controlledby genetics. The small fish you purchase for your bowl today may be avery large fish by the time it is mature. Keeping a fish in anenvironment that is too crowded or too small is cruel and can lead toa wide variety of health problems from reduced immune systems tocrippling skeletal deformities or failure of internal systems.Fish bowls are not the best housing for most animals. They're usually far too small, ranging from 1 pint to 2 gallons. There's not enough volume for your animal's water, plus gravel, plus decorations. Bowls without gravel breed harmful bacteria, and many aquatic animals with nowhere to hide can literally die of stress. Bowls also encourage stagnant water by having very little water-to-air surface area and no room for a filter. This 2 Gallon Fish bowl kit comes with everything you need to get started, including plants, fish and fresh water shrimp.
Although seemingly simple in design, the bioAquatiX fish bowl systems are well thought out biologically balanced micro ecosystems. No mechanical filtration is required. The plants and especially the Java Moss are excellent at removing the nitrates and ammonia. The shrimp will groom the plants and Java Moss. Fish waste is consumed by the plants.The Vintage-style Tulip Fish Bowl is a 2-gallon bowl with a classic tulip flower shape. It's great for betta fish too! Add subtle beauty to your aquatic setup with this amazing glass bowl.