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Grreat Choice (not a spelling error) 2.5 gallon fish tank, $16 from Petsmart
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Something I'd recommend is getting a 5-10 gal tank (many retail stores and pet stores sell a 5gal hex with a built in filter, and buy some naturally smaller fish. I like the small colorful ones anyway. Guppys are great. They're super colorful and are small. They also breed easily, so you can have babies. That's a different can of worms, though. You can also get neon tetras, platys, swordtails, mollies, etc... You can also get a cool pet like a crayfish or fresh water crab. They don't need much space, just a place to hide (they'll create one if you put an object like a hide in their tank), flowing water ( a filter return is fine), and food to eat. Mine ate fish food, fish waste, and the random muscle I would catch at the river. I'd catch them at the creek and keep them for a couple of years. They molt and get bigger every couple of months. Another cool feature is that they turn colors to match their surroundings. Not like a chameleon, but I caught one that was a 1/4" long and it was jet black. I had white gravel in the tank. He got lighter at every molt and by the time he was 2-3" long, he was blue-white. He started killing my fish and had to go, but he was cool and I caught a smaller one to replace him. They clean fish waste and can be kept with fish if there is plenty of room. They are predators and will hunt them eventually. Good luck.
These fish are now in a 29 gallon tank. A tour of my newly set up and awesome looking 5 gallon fish tank.
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Betta fish can happily live in community tanks and many specialist aquarium stores are now displaying their betta fish in community tanks. This isn’t a hard thing to manage as betta males are actually fairly peaceful, usually only attacking other male betta or those they confuse as male betta.
In fact the biggest issue with betta fish in community tanks, isnt the aggressive betta, but fin nippers and fish that are simply too fast for the slow moving and eating betta boy. Success can be found with many of the laid back tetra varieties, female guppies, and other live bearers that are different in colour to your betta.
As for tank size, while your betta can survive in a 2 gallon tank, this is not a recommended healthy environment. The smallest you want to keep a Betta in would be a 5 gallon tank with partial water changes every other week. A 5 gallon tank doesn’t take up much room and is much more adaptable. You have extra space for decoration as well and you’ll have a chance to see your betta actually living instead of existing. But you wanna know the best size for a Betta?
10 gal community tanks have been shown time and time again to be the best homes for betta fish. They don’t need such frequent water changes, they can support live plants and self regulate much better than a smaller tank. Add the that all that added space that you can decorate and aquascape, 10 gal and larger really are the best choice for any loving betta owner. Anyway, so much personality, so cute, so exotic! What do ya think? Neither of those fish are appropriate for a 2.5 gal tank.
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A 2.5 gallon tank with a beautiful betta. This is a small tank, but it's big enough to be heated safely, and the betta sure looks like he appreciates it! :) #betta #fishI have a 5 gallon tank with a very senior Betta, I thought it needed life so I added some shrimp, which he ate. Then I tried 2 mystery snails. What a horrible idea! They made such a freaking mess! If you have a 5 gallon tank, just keep it simple. I decorated with live plants to make it more enjoyable for me. If my old man fish ever dies, I’d like some crabs and shrimp in there. This is about the only site I’ve found that gave proper advice. And I’m saying this from experience.Although your options when it comes to fish are limited, five gallon aquariums are perfect as planted tanks. There are plenty of plant species that stay relatively small and don’t require much maintenance, like the tiny . Setting up and maintaining a lovely green aquascape is not as difficult as many aquarists think and nothing will make your stock happier than a natural environment with plenty of hiding places. All the aquariums in the video below are 5.2 gallons (20L) and although not everyone can replicate them at home, you can definitely achieve something similarly lovely and green.I just moved and my old tank was a 75 gal with 24 small fish in it (like the size of neon tetras and cherry barbs) it was a planted tank as well. since we moved I set up two 5 gal tanks (well 1 is a 5.5 but you get it lol) one of the tanks is your average 5.5 gal and the other is the Fluval Spec tank so its longer than it is wider, I have 9-10 fish in each tank because all my Local fish stores wouldn’t take my fish (missing a good offer for free lol) so I have them like I said 9-10 in each, with my other tank/tanks I was really good on keeping it clean and the plants and some of the fish helped me keep it clean to, so will these two 5 gallon tanks be ok with the very small 9-10 fish in them? and also im good about keeping required PH levels and average cleanliness of the tanks anyway but will the fish be ok, they seem to get along and be swimming calmly just acting normal. ???