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150 Gallon New Aquarium briefing.
Tank dimensions are 180 L x 65 H x 54 D all in cm.
Glass size 10mm and used Black tinted glass for the background glass.

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Fish Aquarium 150 Gallon
Photo provided by Flickr
Who doesn't love to add life into the living room? And for that, nothing is better that fish tank or aquarium. If you are looking for one of these which will match into your large office room or living space, check out the following 150 gallon fish tank now. Trust me, these fish tanks are mind blowing. Get the reviews of best 150 gallon fish tank. For more details, visit here, Fish Aquarium 150 Gallon
Photo provided by FlickrDiscus Planted Community Aquarium 150 Gallon Aquarium is beautiful to watch - the fish in it are stunning
Photo provided by FlickrFish Aquarium 150 Gallon
Photo provided by Flickr