Fluval FLEX 57L Aquarium Kit, 15 gallon

Just Purchased Aqueon® 15 Gallon Column Deluxe Aquarium Kit - Aquarium Forum
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This 15 gallon aquarium sits at a fairly heavy 28 pounds but is, overall, incredibly sleek and easy to place. The 15 gallon fish tank dimensions measures 16 inches by 15 inches by 15 inches and includes a 7500k LED lamp for plant growth and a spectrum of colors for calming moods of the fish denizens living inside. The filtration system includes mechanical, chemical, and biological media for a three stage purifying effect.
Just Purchased Aqueon® 15 Gallon Column Deluxe Aquarium Kit - Aquarium Forum
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I'm a Beginner as an aquarist and here is a video of my 15 gallon Aquarium....Its soothing to watch the fishes, sorry for the shaky video! :P....Any suggestions would be appreciated! thank you!
My fishes are
2 Silver sharks
2 Red tail sharks
4 Guppies
4 Tiger Barb Fishes
4 Angel Fishes
1 Pleco (sucker Fish) 15 Gallon Aquarium with all accessories. | fish for rehoming | Red Deer | Kijiji
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Photo provided by FlickrJust Purchased Aqueon® 15 Gallon Column Deluxe Aquarium Kit - Aquarium Forum
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After a few months of research and gathering parts and supplies, on 10/4/2007 I started up a 15 gallon freshwater planted aquarium. In the months since then I've been amazed at how much I'm enjoying this tank. There's hardly any maintenance involved, and I'm continually surprised by just how easy it is to be successful with it. More than that, I'm genuinely excited by the possibilities of what you can do with this sort of tank, and that's an excitement I haven't felt about reef aquariums for a long time now. These tanks are about as far from the fruitstand style of most reef aquascapes as you can get.This is my 15 gallon tropical community aquarium with fluorescent light. The tank is a standard 15 gallon "long" (24x12x12) with 1 male cobra guppy, 3 female dwarf sunset platys, and 5 neon tetras. The dwarf platy fry playing in the driftwood is 2 months old.Black Friday sale 150.00$ at petsmart includes 60 gallon tank with stand and hood with light. I just bought it and picking it up this week. Buying a aquapot canister filter for 175 gal aquarium. MARINELAND® 60 Gallon Heartland Aquarium EnsembleThis 15 gallon tall aquarium does weigh a pretty hefty 27.7 pounds compared to many of the other smaller tanks out there and measures 13.6 inches by 13.6 inches by 24.8 inches all the way around. The included fluorescent light hood is a full spectrum T5 light for the best lighting capabilities and safety of your fish and to help grow live plants. There’s also a quiet flow power filter and a feeding door at the front of the hood that makes feeding time convenient and quick.This 15 gallon column aquarium is sized vertical and tall. It’s a column style build identified as the deluxe black model from Aqueon and includes an integrated fluorescent light hood and a set up guide to help make the installation process easier for you. This 15 gallon aquarium dimensions are 12 inches by 24 inches by 13 inches all around and holds a capacity of a solid 15 gallons of water. It’s leak proof and break proof acrylic and includes a light fixture. It can be used for freshwater and saltwater fish as well and includes a lifetime warranty should anything happen.