DIY 125 Gallon Fish Tank Stand - Number 2

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125 gallon fish tank with stand, filters, lights, rock fish – everything you see in the picture! Make an offer! You come and drain, transport, etc.
125 gallon aquarium fish tank
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i got my new tank. its 125 gallons which is a bit bigger than i expected. 3 times the size of my 40 gallon. so far i added my bala shark, my gramma's black tetra and her peppered cory cat. this tank makes my 6 inch bala look tiny. tomorrow i will add the rest of the fish. 55 - 125 gal Fish Tank Aquariums - Hayneedle
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Hey guys, long time cichlid-forum surfer, first time poster. I've gotten so much inspiration from everyone's projects that I've decided to register and share my 125 gallon aquarium stand, canopy, and 3D background build. I've primarily kept turtles in the tank, but have found drylok holds up much longer with fish (through experience), so I thought i'd post the result of my project here.125 Gallon Fish Tank freshwater
Stingray, Red-Tailed Shark, Convicts, Albino Catfish, Raphael Catfish, Armored Catfish, Blue Crayfish, Red tailed Catfish, Big-O Pleco.....oh and I put all these fishes together bc I can so *uck you hahaha
Music : Instrumentals by VibebeatzI had a very nice set up in my 125 gallon 6 foot Central American Tank with two very good Ehim fliters 2226 and a 2017, I learnd a lesson the hard way. We had power issues on our block a week ago, I didn't relize the problems until it was to late. Suddenly when I came in to my fish tank room one day I relized the all fish looked bloated like on top for air. I did a 50% water change even thogh I did one less then a week before and I did one every 2-3 weeks reliqously.I won a 125 gallon aquarium. The aquarium guy huffed when I said I was going to turn it into a goldfish aquarium. I guess he has no respect for the goldies I've loved since childhood. I transferred my goldies from my 55 into it over time and then bought two more. The blue and chocolate orandas are the newest additions. The big red and white Ryunkin was purchased on "clearance" at a chain pet store and has grown into a magnificent specimen. The calico telescope blew her swim bladder almost a year before this video was taken. She still swims a bit and readily eats, so as long as she's not suffering, she'll remain a prized addition to my tank.GET ON THE FREE LIVE 'PLANTED TANK 101' WEBINAR & GET A 50% OFF COUPON!



Tearing down the 125 has been something I have been putting off for a good while. This had to happen at some point. This 6 footer, while my baby, had seen its better days....purchased in college, moved a bunch and abused, it is time....That doesn't make it feel much better though. There are fishtanks, then there are 6 foot wide fishtanks. and this tank has a ton of sentimental value- while you might think this is crazy. Imagine how I feel?

But I wouldn't tear it down if I didn't think I could do something better....

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