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Gotd 220V 120L Biological Aquarium Fish Tank Water Fall Hang On Slim Filter
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My 120 gallon fish tank with around 35 cichlids and 2 upsidedown catfish, running 2 canister filters a 60 inch 322 watt light with 4 bulbs and 8 leds
Check out my 120 gallon tank with 3 Oscar's 2 parot fish convict chiclid Peacock cichlid and pleco
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7 Fancy Guppies, 6 baby Angelfish, 2 baby blue-striped African cichlids, 2 pictus catfish, 6 gold Chinese algae eaters, 4 German rams awesome very harmonious fish tank 120 gallon large amazing fish tank giant crystal clear hd hobby colorful vibrant freshwater pets real plants sword fern grass. Insten Black 100W 110-120V Adjustable Aquarium Fish Tank Water Heater
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If you have a 120 gallon fish tank, and you have a that is designed to support your120 gallon tank, and you use only the power filter, you should haveenough biological filtration to support your 120 gallon tank.Built a 120 Gallon Acrylic Fish Tank. Has a 7 Inch wide brace in the top middle made out of acrylic as well. Dimensions are 48x24x24. Also added a 2.5" euro brace all around later. All edges were flame polished and the water test has been successfully completed. I love it! Hope you enjoyed my video.If, on the other hand, you use both of these aquarium filters onthe same 120 gallon fish tank, you will have enough biologicalfiltration to support your 120 gallon tank - not enough to support a240 gallon tank.I'm upgrading all the fish from my 75 gallon tank to the 120 gallon tank. I didn't decide yet if I'm keeping or selling the 75 gallon tank. If I keep it, I'll probably use the 75 gallon for African Cichlids.Another question, can I just put my old filter on the new tank and it will cycle "instantly"? I wanted to have this tank up and running/cycled so I can just put my fish in but I think I might have to tear down my 75 gallon and just put them in the 120g. I know there will be a bateria bloom but will my O and JD be ok if I just use decholrinator, nutrafin and I think prime was the other one?