One 100 gallon fish tank, filters and 2 3x5 grow beds

100 Gallon Fish tank at my office. I have 4-5 zebra danios, 8 african ciclids and 1 Plecostomus
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If you are wanting the best cleaners pick a cartridge filter that does not require “their” media or pads. HOB filters have such a limited biological filtering effect that they do little more than mechanically filter the water. Small tanks (30 gallons and under) can work OK with HOB filters and some secondary filter method like a UG. If you want the filter listed here that is best for your fish, its hands down the Cascade 1000. The GPH figure means virtually nothing. Each manufacturer lies about these figures and does their testing in best world scenarios which will never be your situation. Use filters that allow a good 1st stage mechanical filtration followed by a 2nd stage of biological filtration. Use a filter that allows you to use your own choice of media. Carbon is nearly useless in the filter world as is one of the biggest scams of the industry. You only need carbon if you are trying to remove medicine or plant tannins from the water. The best biological filter media you can put in a filter is BioHome Ultimate without any doubt. You have to order it online. And no I don’t work for them. I keep 18 tanks from 6 gallon all the way up to a 370 gallon and I can tell you this stuff is great. Of course the best filter is the one that is best for YOU. Cartridge filters with baskets are best for your fish but are not the easiest to clean. HOB filters are easy to clean but you pay gobs of money buying their cartridges to plug in which often aren’t more than a coarse sponge bag holding carbon.
Penn Plax Cascade Hanging Power Aquarium Filter 100 Gallons Fish Tank Filtration
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- There are many benefits to a 100 gallon fish tank, especially ease of care. Larger tanks require cleaning less often and the risk of damage from airborne toxins is greatly reduced. Larger tanks also you to keep a much larger fish population. These large aquariums are not only more beneficial to the fish, but also open up a world of creative design. Your fish will have plenty of room to frolic among your coral reefs or sunken treasure ships or whatever accessories fit your personality. My 100 gallon fresh water fish tank. - YouTube
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Pics, advantages, tips and more. Discover the little known ways that a 100 gallon fish tank can reduce health risks and ultimately preserve your existence.A 100 gallon fish tank can stand tall, which would be considered a vertical aquarium. It can also be designed specifically to be fitted into a wall as well as viewed from both sides. To add an even more unique spin, consider a themed aquarium design.As a beginner, you were satisfied with a small tank — it was easy to clean, did not take a lot of space, and did not need much equipment. However, as time passes and your passion grows more and more, you will want a bigger tank (at least a 100 gallon aquarium), more exotic fish, and additional .This 100 gallon aquarium is one of the most popular when it comes to tanks. All their products are high quality and have the perfect accessories. This 100-gallon tank is a must have if you are a beginner. You have the chance to learn how to adapt the accessories and how to play with and decorations. It is suitable for fresh water or saltwater fish, and you can easily choose an elegant hood for it. The walls are built from acrylic, not glass, so you will have a better image and it will not break it or scratch.Instead of taking pills to help you out on stressful days, you can come home to a beautiful remedy. When observing an aquarium, especially large ones like a 100 gallon fish tank, the time passes more freely thus reducing the buildup of anxiety and irritation.We would like to add a group of schooling fish, 6 or more to our 100 gallon tank. I've read they should be of same size & age to school. How does this work with the "Add only two fish at a time rule"?