What kind of Saltwater fish are best for a 10 gallon tank

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This is the filtration system for my 10 gal saltwater fish tank, which contains two mod Aquaclear 70 filter, one AquaticLife Internal Mini Skimmer 115 (upto 30 gal), mangrove plant. My water quality is just perfect.
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I have a 10 gallon saltwater tank all set up and ready all as I need is fish. I know that saltwater fish need a heck of a lot more room than freshwater fish, but I would be fine with just 3 or 4 fish. I would also at least like to have a Blue Mandarin Dragonet and a Clown fish. Also, if anyone... This is my 10 gallon fish only saltwater tank
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This is my 10 gallon fish only saltwater tank. Its my first ever saltwater tank. I currently have one clownfish in the tank with fake coral. I went fish only since I am a beginner and building a reef takes a lot of work. So far this tank is going well. I am not sure if I can add another fish to this tank. If I do, I might add another clownfish or damsel fish.Finally started my 10 gallon saltwater tank. After a month of waiting for cycling, finally got my clownfish and a crab. Hope you guys like the video!Shoutout to 3reef and all 3reef members. So here's my 10 gallon saltwater tank. I think I might've changed the aquascape for the last time, and i like this scape because it has a lot of crevices and if any fish need to be in the dark then they can just go to the back and pop out whenever they feel like it (finally! Remind me to go reefcleaners next time!). the peppermint is in the back as well; Maybe I'll show him in another video. I've got a lot of cyano on this piece of LR I have (used tap before in the 29 gallon biocube, so yeah...) Hopefully it comes off on its own; planning on doing lights out for a week or so. Anyway here's my tank, so thanks for watching!Setting up your tank is not complicated. There should be more than enough space to have a beautiful ecosystem for either tropical, freshwater or saltwater fish. Careful planning is needed to ensure fish compatibility, but it’s not a difficult task. The size of 10 gallon and 12 gallon tanks will allow you to add multiple decorations or one large center piece. This, along with picking out the specific fish, is a lot of fun and is great for families and kids.10 and 12 gallon tanks and aquariums introduce a broad array of possibilities for cute, and vibrant water creatures. This size is a smart choice and your fish tank will become a lively ecosystem, giving your fish will everything they need to be able to live happy, healthy and stress free lives. Fish friends might not be able to complain, but they can still suffer if you do not set them up with the right environment. Choosing the right aquarium for both size, space, and accessories will ensure that you tropical fish, also known as freshwater fish, or saltwater fish get the environment they need to survive.There are other sources of information. A dealer can sometimes be relied upon for this information. If you know an advanced saltwater hobbyist, you can ask her or him for advice. The sidebar to the right lists some of the small aquariums I have observed operating successfully on a long-term basis and can be used as a guide. When adding any specimen to a tank, you must first determine what size the animal can be expected to reach. Thus, a 2-inch panther grouper would do fine in a 10-gallon tank, but only for a few months, after which it will have grown too large for the tank. Do not count on the small size of the tank to “stunt” the growth of a fish. This rarely works and is never a good practice.