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How's my setup? Please let me know!!

I have a 10 gallon tank with 7 fish: 3 Sunburts and 4 Black Skirt Tetras (3 long skirts and 1 short skirt). The tank has 4 different live plant species and an 18" bubble curtain in the back. The filter has a filter insert as well as a bio fiber insert. For the bubble curtain I have a Whisper Air Pump that is amazingly quite. I also have 2 full spectrum lights and a 10-30 gallon water heater that keeps the water circulating at 72-78 degrees (perfect for tropical fish). The light hood is on an automatic timer and there is a 2x daily automatic feeder so the tank virtually sustains itself.

Please let me know what you think and what you think I should do to make it better.
Uniclife Nano Aquarium Air Pump, up to 10 Gallon, Silent Fish Tank Oxygen Pump with Air Stone and Silicone Tube
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The total electric cost of running a 100 gallon aquarium with live plants and coral is $18.26 dollars per month. This means the aquarium electric expense is $219.12 annually. This tank size may be a bit much for someone will a small budget. The 100 gallon tank size is also expensive to setup as the equipment needs to be very strong to keep 100 gallons of water warm, and for your lights to penetrate the large aquarium. Usually it takes above $1,000 to buy all necessary equipment to setup this size tank, which may be too pricey depending upon your situation. Many aquarium enthusiasts may want to use higher wattage bulbs than necessary for their aquarium. For instance, take a look at the type of plants in your aquarium. Are they ? moderate light plants? high light plants? Some plants require very low lighting. In a 10 gallon tank, low light plants can slide by with a 5 watt light, while higher light plants require around 30 watts to stay healthy. This trick alone can save many dollars per year by switching to a much lower wattage light on your aquarium.Many fish preferences have a range, for example, between 70 and 80 degrees fahrenheit. To save money, simply adjust your heater to the low end of the spectrum. This means your heater will run much less because it is not constantly trying to hold a higher temperature. If your house is hot, maybe turn your air condtioner to 80 degrees so that the heater almost never has to run because the tank is already the correct temperature. This way your air conditioner should cost less too. Your filters, pumps, and powerheads can be adjusted to a lower GPH to save electricity. Slower running takes less electricity. This is, of course, only an option if your tank does not need high flow. Tanks with picky corals may need a lot of flow. Freshwater tanks or low flow corals such as mushroom corals are just fine with low flow rates.Choose LED lights if you wish to save money on your electric bill. LEDs oftentimes provide the same lighting power, with less wattage compared to fluorescent or metal hallide lighting. There are also specific light choices designed to be economical. There are also economical heaters, or and great at sensing temperatures so they do not turn on at random times when they do not need to. Choose energy-efficient products to put into your tank, and your electric bill will be less costly. Selling my 10 gallon fish tank, comes with pump and bag of blue accent rocks. Priced to sell today, must meet in mesquite.
Photo provided by FlickrItems 1 - 28 of 28 - Hpumps Aquarium Air Pump, Super Silent Small Fish Tank High Efficient Oxygen Breathe Water Pump up to 10 Gallon with Filter Air Stone a.
Photo provided by Flickr12 cents per kilowatt = .22 cents per month to run your 10 gallon air pump for oxygen in your fish tank.
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And a disclaimer on the use of five gallon buckets or 10 gallon tanks, if you have really big fish like Oscars or other large cichlids, a child’s wadding pool is an option. These will hold 50 gallons of water and be about 5 to 6 inches deep. They will keep the large fish alive for many days without air pump or mechanical pump as long as the temperature is right. But you might have to cover the pool with a screen or net to prevent the fish from jumping out. And do not place it where it can get direct sun light for more than a couple of hours, as that can cause the temperature to get too high.One glass 10 gallon aquarium;
One plastic tank cover with a socket for an incandescent light bulb;
One small plastic in-tank aquarium filter and some sample filter media;
A few feet of air hose;
An air pump;
Some aquarium gravel;
A small sample of fish food;
Samples of aquarium dechlorinator and/or water conditioner; and
An information bookletAnd another possibility, if the fish are in five-gallon buckets or 10-gallon tanks, they are quite easy to move. Take them to a friend’s home that has electricity and also the right temperature. Add an air stone/air pump for insurance and relax until the power comes back on.Hi, I’m so glad to have found this site. I have a question and can’t seem to find any conclusive answers. I am buying a 400 Liter (105 Gallon) tank. With plants, fish, gravel etc, I guess it will be between 95 – 100 Gallons of water. NOW THE BIG QUESTION>>> I want to know whether I will be able to use two smaller internal filters that pump at the amount of liters per minute to add up to the total amount needed in stead of a large filter? For a 400 liter tank I need filtration of 1200 liters per hour…can I use 2 x 750 liter per hour Dophin F2000 filters instead of a large external power filter? Should I then use a sponge filter as well? Could I perhaps only use one Dophin F2000 and two sponge filters? What do you recommend? The external power filter will cost me R1650.00 where I will only pay at around R800.00 for both the 750 liter per hour ones which is less than half the price and still a bit pricey for my pocket but I will be able to manage the cost. I don’t want to buy this large tank if I can’t filter it well enough. Thank you so much.