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is a key feature many heaters miss when it comes to heating 10 gallon fish tanks.
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Wattage means input. In general we can say that the higher input, the higher output. A 200 watt heater will heat a 100 litres (26.42 US gallons, 22.00 Imperial gallons) aquarium much faster than a 50 watt heater. Use our , enter your fish tank's dimensions and see what's recommended wattage for your aquarium.
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It's important to keep your water at a relatively steady temperature. And some fish can only tolerate a certain temperature range or don't like big fluctuations. Tropical fish like warmer water and if you live in a cold climate, not having a heater could be deadly. Heaters are relatively inexpensive and have thermostats on them that will regulate the temperature to whatever you set it at. Having a thermometer is obviously a must. I like the stick-on kind. You can get one that floats in the water, but I think with a 10 gallon tank it makes it look cluttered. I have a 10 gallon fish tank that came with a filter, bubbler, heater, 2 pl
Photo provided by FlickrI just set up a new 10 gallon fish tank with a heater filter and water cond.
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I’ve had my guppy tank for a couple months now. I’ve successfully gotten by with NO heater for my aquarium. What water temperature do guppy fish need? I didn’t think they needed heated water but I could be wrong. Tank details: 10 gallon aquarium with 5 guppies. They seem somewhat different lately.. Maybe I’m over thinking this. Could use advice.The total electric cost of running a 10 gallon aquarium per month, as estimated above, is $1.92 dollars, $23.04 annually, for a 10 gallon freshwater fish tank with no live plants, or $3.08 dollars, $36.96 annually, for a 10 gallon saltwater fish tank supporting live plants or coral. This tank size is cheapest and great for people with a small budget. The 10 gallon tank size is also the most inexpensive to setup, as less strong lights and heaters cost less than stronger counterparts. *Awarded Answer

Your aquarium does need a heater and I’m surprised you have gone this long without one. Guppies are tropical fish and the water temperatures need to be in the mid 70s at minimum. I imagine your fish are starting to be put under stress from it. Guppy fish call out for tropical water conditions of 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit. If your tank isn’t within that range constantly… then you need a heater. I’m trying to hold back on being mean, but you need to better research your pets before you just dump them into a habitat. Your fish could easily die from a variable like this that you neglected to follow. When buying an aquarium heater, figure on 5 watts per every gallon of water in your tank. So.. you said your tank is 10 gallons, that means the heater needs to be 50 watts. Local fish stores overprice heaters so I suggest buying online. Here is a . The standard 10 gallon aquarium is where many of us start our aquarist lives. Compact yet plenty of room to see our little buddies swimming around. To keep them safe we need the best 10 gallon aquarium heater we can find. Seeing how every brand has at least one heater the good are lost among the crowd. After years of fish keeping These models have proven their worth and will make your 10 gallon tank thrive!

In a rush? Skip to the Choosing 10 gallon fish tank there are many different shapes and sizes of aquarium sets. From which you can choose the most suitable and appealing those who usually already have their own filtration systems, heaters, and built-in aquarium cover lighting system.In this next video about my 10 gallon Nano Reef Tank, I talk about the heating and filtration I chose to use, and also where I place it in my setup.

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